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My name is Jose De La Paz. I’m a father of 5 boys and husband to Sonia De La Paz, a lifelong resident of South Gate. I’m rooted in my family, faith, and believe strongly in a South Gate that works for its residents.

I’m an energetic executive with international experience and have been in the technology sector, focused on Internet and communications, for over two decades. I’ve held executive and C-level positions in many companies.

As a California native, I believe in the need to give back, and through my entrepreneurial pursuits and leadership roles, I have created jobs, hired intercity youth, have been a mentor, and guided youth to successful careers.

Currently, I’m a Board Member, of The State of California Board of Pharmacy, and Vice Chair of the Legislation & Regulation Committee. In addition, from May 2020 - July 2022, I served our South Gate community as a Planning Commissioner and Vice Chair. 
South Gate is our city, and this is our future. I’ve always believed that life is about having a purpose, not a title or status; life is about having dignity, heart, honesty, and respect for each other.
As your next City Treasure, I am committed to fulfilling my duties with transparency and upholding my values, and always keeping my community's best interest at heart.

I will execute the role of the City Treasurer as defined in our city municipal code, and I will work closely in a collaborative manner with elected officials and city staff.


1.05.050 City treasurer—Primary responsibilities

MONEY DISBURSEMENT: 1.05.050 (A). The primary function of the city treasurer is to disburse
monies on demand which have been properly audited and approved, such that once the proper
procedures have been followed, the duty of the city treasurer to disburse the funds is mandatory and not

RECEIVE & DEPOSIT: 1.05.050 (B). The city treasurer is the city official responsible for receiving all
daily cash receipts from the city’s departments for the purpose of depositing these monies in the
appropriate city account. This function is not intended to be an investment policy decision, but is instead
the administrative and ministerial responsibility of the city treasurer.

COMPLIANCE: 1.05.050 (C). The city treasurer must comply with all the laws governing deposit and
securing of public funds and handling of trust funds in his possession.

SECURE: 1.05.050 (D). The city treasurer is to receive and safely keep all money coming into his
hands as treasurer.

PAY: 1.05.050 (E). The city treasurer must pay out money only on warrants signed by legally
designated persons.

COOPERATE: 1.05.050 (F). Pursuant to Section 1.06.090, the city treasurer shall cooperate with and
assist the city manager in administering the affairs of the city most efficiently, economically and
harmoniously, so far as may be consistent with their duties as prescribed by law and ordinances of the

(Ord. 2125 § 2 (part), 12-23-02: Ord. 2028 § 4, 11-25-97)

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