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My name is Jose De La Paz. I’m a father of 5 boys and husband to Sonia De La Paz, a lifelong resident of South Gate. I’m rooted in my family, faith, and believe strongly in a South Gate that works for its residents.

I’m an energetic executive with international experience and have been in the technology sector, focused on Internet and communications, for over two decades. I’ve held executive and C-level positions in many companies.

Name: Jose De La Paz - Occupation: Chief Executive Officer - Age: 43 - Status: Married - Family: 5 children - Resident: Over 15 years


As a California native, I believe in the need to give back, and through my entrepreneurial pursuits and leadership roles, I have created hundreds of jobs. I have hired intercity youth to provide a path and mentorship that has led to successful careers.

Currently, I’m a member of two Technology Council’s and serving my second term as an appointed delegate (Democratic State Central Committee) by California State Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon and previously appointed by US Congresswoman Nanette Barragán.
South Gate is our city, and this is our future. I’ve always believed that life is about having a purpose, not a title or status; life is about having dignity, heart, honesty, and respect for each other.
My parents’ generation knew that if a community came together, it could build many great things. They were able to dream and convert ideas into action. Like my parents, I, too, believe in a vision, a vision of a brighter South Gate.

I'm running for South Gate City Council to,

1) Strengthen our public safety and improve the quality of life for our residents.


2) Improve our infrastructure and the use of technology throughout the city.


3) Strengthen our economic future by attracting new businesses to our city.

Together, we can create a city that will be a beacon of light for our families and generations to come.

My name is Jose De La Paz, and I would be honored to have your vote.



Jose De La Paz.

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